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The book of Acts could be called the book of the axe.

At the pronouncement of Isaiah 6 in chapter 28, Israel was nationally set aside. Within 130 years, their center of worship, The Temple, was destroyed and most of Israel was scattered among the nations by the Romans. The purpose of God for the restoration of the Kingdom to Israel was postponed. Israel, and all things associated with her, was set aside for a time. This included, but not limited to, supernatural gifts, the 4 ordinances of Acts 15, and the imminent return of Christ.

After this great setting aside of Israel, another purpose, previously “hid in God”, (Eph.3) was revealed to Paul alone. The church which is His Body is not the “bride of Christ”, nor will it walk the streets of gold. This called out company, unknown to Abraham and to those of the Gospel and Acts periods, has an inheritance in front of God’s face in the heavenly places, far above all.

Acts 28 is the great New testament divide. Here the purposes of God through Christ our Lord, changed from the earthly one to the heavenly one.

A structure of Acts 28
Here Israel was “let go” and became lo-ami, not God’s people.

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