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New to Right Division?

This easy read is a great way to start.
Is everything in God’s Word “about” us today?
All Scripture is “for” us,
but what parts are “about” us?
The Address on the Envelope

Why Paul?

Why do we promote the Apostle Paul?
Are we placing him above our Lord and Savior?
No! Paul was given a special ministry
critical for us today.
Who then is Paul?

The Kingdom

The Kingdom of God In Heaven and On Earth.
Christ will head up the things on Earth
and the things in Heaven.
The two divine purposes are outlined here.
The Kingdom; Earth and Heaven

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Baptism can be a controversial subject but like all Scripture, must be rightly divided. Does water baptism bring about regeneration? Is it essential for the believer today and what about the baptism of infants? Stuart Allen presents a balanced view in his easy to read booklet;

Dr. E.W. Bullinger was a brilliant Bible expositor and in this little gem he brings forth the foundations of dispensational truth. It was late in his life that he was made aware of the Acts 28 boundary by Mr. C. H. Welch. You will find this book easy to read and extremely helpful;
Foundations of Dispensational Truth

Pentecost, what was it?

Peter appeals to Israel with a promise;
Repent ….and be converted, ….. And he shall send Jesus Christ, Act 3:19 -20
Read this booklet, Pentecost

I am the Good Shepherd

The Lord was sent to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. When he proclaimed himself the Good Shepherd, it was according to Ez.34 which is a prophesy of Israel’s regathering. This was the hope of the Gospels and Acts.

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